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Mar 13, 2012
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Fleur De Ville/Northshore
Barkevious Mingo and Dion Jordan are two of Mayocks Top 3 players to watch in the combine this week. As we all know that the two are talked about favorites to land here along with Ansah. lot is being said that Dion Jordan, and Mingo will put up astounding run times and do freakishly amazing at the combine.

I have Matt Elam From Florida being taken, With Mingo, Jordan, Ansah gone.
Are you prepared for the draft if all of your Faves are gone? If So who's on your Radar?
Matt Elam From Florida is Mine. Elam could bring us Sharper type talent, that lead our
defense to a SUPER BOWL, we really need help in the secondary and i believe it starts with the draft, not Free agency. Im all in with Elam if our Pass rushers are gone.


Hindsight is 50/50
Oct 3, 2011
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If mingo, jordan, and ansah are all gone, I would like us to bring in someone who is extremely violent and cocky. Someone on our defense who doesn't help opposing players up after they lay the wood. I want someone who torpedos to the ball with no regard for human life. I want a Chris Ivory on our defense. A relentless motor and a desire to win. Someone with pride. Because as of now, I can name one-three people on our defense that has remotely any pride (or at least it appears that way). I want someone who takes their game to another level when we need a big play.

Clark Kent

Sep 21, 2009
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There is precisely 0 chance that ya'll will take a Safety with your first pick. For a team doing a major switch to a 3-4, Safety is not priority #1. Not to mention that Elam may not even be a 1st rounder.

Ansah,Jordan, or Mingo will be there when ya'll pick

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