Mini camp observations June 5 (1 Viewer)


Mar 13, 2007
Reaction score
Most of the action was on the other side of the field today,but here's some from
my viewpoint

Brown again the first one on the field,followed by kickers and long snapper.
Jose keeps doing this little "trick" with the ball while waiting to kick, ball is on the ground and he somehow kicks it right to his hands with his feet and then drop kicks it. It's pretty neat to watch. He did it countless times never missing, guessing soccer background. Hartley tried it a few times,he needs much more practice.
However, later when both kicking off GH was like yesterday in FG drills,much higher and today some further in distance.

First drill of the day ST with kickers holding pads.i guess this gives them something to do until it's their turn. Hicks & Junior getting most of the work here.
Kenan Lewis beng wrapped up,ankle,in the middle of the field.

Tanner had some really nice catches,thrown to often. Higgins nice crossing pattern,pretty route,good catch.
Tanner again,leaping beautiful catch.
Collins had several screen passes,ran strong.
Graham several good catches.
A.Hicks lots of time with 1st team here.
Brown on left Evans on the right

Other QBs came in, they looked some better than yesterday. Pierre dropped one he had,I think Tom Johnson picked it up before it hit ground.couldn't tell if it hit the ground or not,but very alert play from Johnson. I was looking around players standing behind LOS.

Drew just looks like he's full of energy. He runs around out there,even from one drill to the other,they all ran half time sprint at one point. Drew was really running,just lots of hustle every time I saw he was fired up!

WR drills thrown by coaches, over the shoulder catches.
Fayson,who looked great yesterday dropped one,redid it caught this one. This drill lasts a while.
All 3 QBs throwing to WR while covered by CB
Fayson,another drop. Joe had some nice catches. Preston Parker had some nice ones too. Luke overthrew Pierre badly coverage by Greer.
Jenkins covering Joe,joe outran coverage,nice catch.
Bush on Tanner, tanner was better there.
Lewis on Stills who makes nice outstretched catch.
Corey Lindsey on Givens,never turned his head around. Others had decent coverage on their WR other than this and Morgan outrunning Jenkins.

Later,more 7/7

Sweeting breaks up pass nicely.
Lewis way off from Colston
Toon nice catch but big time OPI I saw this from him yesterday. It should still count as PI even in practice if it is that blatant. To me anyway.
Drew throws one in the ground,not sure why,had WRs open,it like got away from him. Next play he overthrows Joe way,over throws.
Humber knocks one down in front of Cadet. Who Corey Lindsey left wide open.
Greer batted one away from Givens.
Vaccaro batted one down.
R.Bush never gives up on a play,lots of hustle.
Will finish the second part shortly.
Good to hear Stills made a good play, I want him to lock down the 4 WR spot
Vaccaro does look good! I saw some good things from him yesterday,although Isa stole the show for me yesterday. Today saw more good things from vacarro.
Discouraging things:

* Jenkins impersonating toast
* Overthrown balls (but it's still early in camp)
* Dropped balls
* Toon doing an impression of Roddy "push-off" White! :jpshakehead:

Encouraging things:

* Brees' leadership, and running for all drills
* Competitive atmosphere and hustle

Thanks to the OP for providing these! :9: :worthy:

Part 2
Blocking drills,two guys bend a little,almost touching helmets,coach says go. One plays defender the other receiver.try to stutter,cut and break free. Hands behind defenders back
Morgan/Roby advantage Morgan
Corey White/A.J.Davis advantage White
Others pretty evenly matched.

Morstead holding a stick with ball on the end players line up run then bend down to swat ball. Isa really fast and looked the best at this drill. Morstead does this every year.

looks to be 3rd down all the time here. :)
Davis got in there with Toon catch,broke it up.
Nice juggling catch ball high by cadet.
Josh handed off to cadet a couple plays later,still 3rd down, nice running by cadet.
Corey White lots of reps.

ST drills
Cadet,Sproles,Morgan,Roby,& Parker catching kicks from machine and running.
All looked good.


Parker had some nice catches as did Tanner
Morgan looked good
Fayson not nearly as good today as yesterday
Toon looks raw to me. Could be because IR all year. Talented though.
Lots of batted balls defensively

Didn't see much out of hawthorn or harper, armstead didn't practice
Defense looked sharp,getting to QBs! All QBs. Drew having to check down often.
Humber still a hitter! I saw this last year.
Didn't see,because of view,a lot on RBs. Or either they didn't do a lot of runs today.
Any news of Kevin Reddick, Chase Thomas, Eric Martin?

Chase Thomas picked a ball up from turf,as soon as it hit,ran it back. Very alert &quick.
Saw one play where Martin got beat badly by WR,can't remember WR.
Two isolated plays,but all I could see or write about them specifically.
Joe Morgen is going to have a huge year this year. It sounds like he has the speed to beat any and all DBs. Can't wait to see this guy in 3 receiver sets where he's just flying by the defender for some long TDs!

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