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Mar 11, 2004
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Momentum and leverage are incredibly important as we all witness when the Saints won the Super Bowl. Every defense we faced knew that our own defense was stout and vice versa for the offense. If a team had a lot of offensive firepower then they knew that we had Nicks and Evans to play ball control. If the team had a great defense then they knew we had Vilma, Smith, and others to create turnovers. Not to mention, the DOME was rockin. Also, we were dependent upon special teams *onside kick* to put the icing on the cake. The Saints NEED momentum. We need to intimidate the other team with a strong offense, that compliments the defense. Will we have that this year or will their be a weak link? As I understand the offensive line, it is simple:

1. Armstead, Leito, Unger, Peat, Strief. That isn't the world's greatest line but it isn't the worst either. I would not be surprised to see us pick up a new guard soon.

Rankins, Fairley, Jordan. - Enough said. They will REAK havoc.

I still believe. I am not letting these preseason game get me down. We need momentum and leverage. That is very hard to do when you are trying to figure out who will actually make the team. Let's not forget the X FACTOR - CJ Spiller.

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