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Mar 3, 2003
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...and the Saints are going to have to dole out a lot of it in the next year or so.

Colston's going to likely need an extension this year, expecting him to play for the minimum again is pretty unrealistic.

Will Smith needs a deal -- and if we lose him, you don't wanna know what we'd have to pay for a new DE.

Assuming Vilma is what we expect, he'll need a deal.

Evans will need another deal soon.

Those are four guys that are pretty quality players, and we'll need a lot of this room for. I honestly think we made a run at Samuel, and he chose to go to the higher profile team. Briggs, I think we cooled on after getting Vilma. I sincerely hope we can get an edge rusher, since it looks like we lost LaBoy to the Brownies.

If we can land Shockey or Sheppard, I think this offseason will have been a success...I know a lot of guys don't like Shockey's attitude, but I think a weapon like that would bring our offense to a higher and more consistant level. Right now, we have a good offense...with him, we could have one on par with the very, very best.

I think this front office is trying its best...we've paid out a lot of money in the past few years to our own guys, so I don't think it's "Tom Benson is handcuffing Loomis"...


Whodie I'm a Saints fan
Dec 13, 2006
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Gert Town
I view getting Vilma's contract situation, if he proves to be healthy and a good fit, to be of similar importance to Smith's. If he has the kind of season we hope he has, then he is just as important to our defense and may be just as hard to re-sign as Will Smith if we let him hit the FA market. We have too many players that will need new contracts and obviously we can't (and wouldn't want to) franchise them all. I hope we work out some sort of 2-3 year extension to Vilma's existing 1 year contract or just re-work a new contract that keeps him here for at least 3 years. Obviously the less guaranteed money, the better for us. I would think in a situation like this, we could work a pretty incentive-laden deal that would have the potential to pay him like a pro bowl linebacker if he ended up playing like one.

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