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Jul 9, 2001
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Don't know if this has been posted yet, so if it has please excuse me. Did yall hear Costas, Collinsworth and Bettis discussing the comments Mora Sr. said on NFL network yesterday? Mora Sr. said that Mike Vick is a coach killer. All the guys on Sunday Night Football blasted Sr. saying they could not believe he said it and that it was a ridiculous statement to make. What do yall think the fallout will be over this. Man, that really puts the head coach in a bad spot. It is one thing if he was commenting on any other coaches team but, your son coaches that team idiot. Are you trying to sabatoge his job? I know some of yall had to hear this. What is yalls take on this? I hope they implode with the force of a thermonuclear bomb.
A couple of games ago his son went on the radio and basically said his dad is a media guy now with no credibility and to just shut up, more or less. Jr. laughed as he said it, but I doubt Sr.'s comments were made in a total vacuum, all things considered. Trouble in Moraville..
Has he been seen on this ESPN program? I think it's called Point After, not sure.
Hey, maybe he's trying to SAVE his son's job. Remember a few weeks ago all the reports about the conflict between Vick and his coaches? Then suddenly he had two good games and it was forgotten, but I don't think it ever went away and Vick is still the same shaky player.
Perhaps Mora Sr. is sending an indirect message to the owners of the Roadkill that his son is right for wanting to bench/get rid of Vick.
A similarity between Vick and AB. Their Coaches tenure is made or broken with their performance. In 2002 a healthy M. Vick makes Reeves look like a genius earning a playoff birth and the first upset in GB during the playoffs. In 2003, Vick is hurt in the preaseason and after 3 - 13, Reeves leaves the team. In 2004, M. Vick is healthy and Mora Jr. looks like genuis as the Falcons win the South and make it to the NFC Championship.

Fox is only as good as Steve Smith will carry him and the same can be said about Vick and Mora, Jr. and the same applied to Haslett and AB. The chapters aren't written yet for Payton, so we don't know whether his success is pinned to one player or not.
First it is the truth, he is no leader and can't throw, ego maniac and would rather play him than his backup. thank you lord for Drew Brees!!!

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