More accolades for Brees!!!(Merged x3) (1 Viewer)

Presco slams Vick, touts Brees (Merged)

But Brees can do something Vick can't, which is to put his foot in the ground, scan a field and find the open receiver...It's called passing the football...Oh, but they have all those Vick run-around highlights to hang their hat on.
- Pete Prisco

Forget Vick's flash, streaking Saints loving hot Brees
Nov. 26, 2006
By Pete Prisco
CBS Senior Writer

ATLANTA -- The coaches will talk about schemes and blitzes and coverage and formations and all that stuff Monday when they evaluate the New Orleans Saints' 31-13 victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

But I can save them all the analysis and sum up why the game went the way it did. Here goes: One team can pass the football; the other can't.

It's that simple.

LOL, we posted at the same time.

Merge I guess.
I don't think we can delete our own threads.

But you posted it first anyways. Mine should be deleted/merged.
This post and another with the same story posted within a couple of minutes. lol
That's 3.

Man, we Saints fans are quick. ;)
But, but, but...I thought Prisco hated the Saints. Isn't that what everyone on this board said? :shrug:
No, we can't delete our own threads on this board. I forgot. :)

I loved this left-handed compliment by Prisco:

"Michael Vick continued to show he's the best single-wing quarterback in the league..."

Great article. Was anyone else worried when it looked like Vick might be injured late in the game? The last thing I wanted was a Falcon QB who could pass in the game at that point. lol
"That's asking a lot, especially since the Pee Wee game on the Georgia Dome field following Sunday's game probably had better designed offenses than what the Falcons use."


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