More good than bad today. (1 Viewer)

Jul 10, 2001
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Delta Quadrant
What i mean is Baltimore was a good team today. Now the saints can game plan on what went wrong this is a good saints team and the saints can hopefuly damper some of these problems. I am satisfied with whatever happens this year but just imagine how good we will be next year.

Gonzales is a FA so is donnie edwards. Weed need a Shutdown corner a dominate MLB and a Good guy on the Ol. This team then will be dominate. We could have a complete Offense and Defense next year. BTW this is still a good team.
If you're competing for the playoffs it's inconcievably for a loss to be "more good then bad". Not in any form or fashion.

I've switched mindset from "Gosh 7-9 would be a solid start to build on" to "11-5 and the NFC South!"
yeah...definitely not more good than bad today. still we will be back. at least we have TB next week, with or without Reggie.
What doesnt kill you makes you stronger - Zorg

Saints will be stronger after this loss.
I have a feeling we come out ****** next week and totally kill the bucs.

Hope i'm right...

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