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Wednesday Jan 22.

Minor update - Coach Pete....

A source that rarely gets Saints info, so I am suspect on this, but usually provides pretty accurate info told me yesterday that Cincy has swung back from multiple players to Kamara plus draft picks. The Saints offered Kamara plus this years: #1, #3, #4 and next years #2 and #3. Keep in mind that teams are not worried about Kamara, they all understand that he gutted out the last 5-6 games being seriously beat-up. Kamara is a gem and worth every bit of a #1 plus more...and he still likely has 2-4 years of prime career left.

(I asked him a question one of the Who Dats asked for Pete) Coach Payton cannot make a decision like this on his own. Payton functions as the GM when it comes to the final say on any draft or trade, even though Ireland handles nearly all of these matters now. (Pete's opinion not insider). I would think that he started with getting Ireland on his side, went to Loomis and then they took the idea to Mrs. Benson. There's no way they could do a deal of this magnitude without her approval.

I do know that other teams are talking to Cincy also now. But as of last week, the Saints felt they had a real good shot at Burrow, if Cincy actually is willing to trade the pick. The Saints have more in reserve they will offer if necessary, but that would be at the very end if Cincy wants more.

When talking about trading players, the team has to be real careful about this if they have a good team locker room, which the Saints excel at. This can really upset the players which Coach Payton absolutely does not want to do. Besides believing Burrow to be a generational QB coming out of college, Coach Payton is certain that Burrow can pick-up this offense very quickly. Burrow was making a number of 3rd read passes in the championship game, rare for college QBs, especially with the read option heavy in college now.
When I look back at this, if I didn't know Pete so well, I would be very suspect. This is almost the perfect situation to claim major Insider info that if it does not happen, will be very hard, or impossible, to prove it ever occurred. But Coach Pete just does not care about his rep in this area. He makes no money or new training bsuiness out of this.

Personally, I really want Burrow as long as we don't gut the franchise for years. And between Coach Payton, Ireland and Loomis, I don't think they would let this happen. Coach Payton wants more SBs and ultimately to be in the HOF.


Saturday the 18th January,

Jammed in the gym today. All the New Years Resolution. Coach Pete had over 20 he was working out at the same time. Here you go.

1)" The Saints are in full court press mode after Burrow. Nothing back from Cincy that would indicate they aren't considering the Saints proposal quite seriously. They need a bunch of players.
2) Why SP is after Burrow So Much - Very few QBs have the ability to fully comprehend Sean Payton's system. SP is certain Burrow can do that and add the long ball back in his arsenal. How lethal would Taysom Hill be with a QB who can stretch the entire field. If the Saints had gotten Mahomes, ,SP would have happily built an entire offense around his talents. With Burrow, he can step in very quickly to Coach Sean'ssystem. And there is no concern about Burrow under center. He can learn that quickly.
3) What is attracting Cincy is that this deal would come with proven stars eliminating the guesswork out of draftees and gaining top notch starters from Day 1
4) SP wants Burrow at near any cost. Yes there would be a rebuild but the Saints think they can be competitive and maybe a playoff team under Burrow while losing some key players in the rebuild
5) That guy who did the 2 page analysis of the Saints potential losses (that is SammyKnight) was all over what the Saints have been looking at for a year now. They simply cannot keep their all of their young top talent and they want to get something for some those players. Btw: that was really nice piece of work that guy did. So take what he did, add the projected contract cost of keeping all the young talent and then the full picture unveils with which the Saints are planning from.

Who Dats - Don't party yet. There's too much time to go and too many factors. But if I went to LSU and was a Saints fan, I would be very excited right now.
No time to review. Gotta go. So no wordsmithing, grammar and spelllingb will suck! Sorry Who Dats. Girlfriend is expecting me and she has me wrapped around her finger right now - lol.

Edit: Brees size leant to tall receivers. With Burrow, they can add the small Tyreek Hill type players back as recievers to create disruption. The kid who is retruning punts for the Saints now has the potential to be special. The last part about kick returner is purely my opinion.

I don't know if starting another thread was the best way to go, but I decided to just update this thread.

Coach Pete today, Wednesday:

Many major trade agreements are actually done long before the draft, but the NFL does not want them announced until draft day to build maximum suspense and excitement. The deal between Green Bay and the Saints for Davenport was completed 5 weeks before the draft. I knew about this, but because of my involvement, I couldn't say. You kept probing me so I tried to mislead you until draft day. The talks between the Saints and Bengals are quite real and could get completed within weeks. Yes, there are multiple teams talking to the Bengals, but the Saints offer is the most interesting one for the Bengals right now.

There's only one hold-up, the 2nd player besides Kamara. If this goes through, you Who Dats will be surprised at how little draft compensation will be required. Cincy wants Michael Thomas plus Kamara. The Saints are currently taking the position that MT is off-limits. But Coach Payton told the FO, at nearly any cost. My sources are telling me if that holds the deal-up, the Saints will roll on Thomas and include him.

Brees knows he can't play a 19-20 game season with high effectiveness anymore. One of the keys for the Saints is making sure Brees is willing to stay one more year to tutor Burrow and step in if neccessary. That has not been agreed upon yet.

After Coach Pete told me what I will share in a moment, I told him,

"Pete, it's taken 4 years to build your rep and respect on the SR board where your posts average in the 90+ positive percentile. You don't have to go this far out. In fact, imo, it's very risky to post what you are saying. Your rep could get ruined on the board over these predictions if proven there is no real substance behind these predictions."
Coach Pere came back with:

I have no goals to do anything different from what I am doing in the health business. I Love helping others achieve health levels they deemed impossible and to watch the positive changes in their entire lives. It's mind, body, spirit for me. When my pro rehab and combine businesses dried up a few years ago, I no longer had to stay team neutral. So I decided on the Saints because I love Brees since high school and I thought you and I could have some fun, you being a die-hard Saints fan. I have no financial goals or ego goals tied to what you and I have been doing on that big Who Dat fan board. The info I am getting is from very trusted, long-term inside sources.
1) Davenport
- appears to be doing much better and may be ready for training camp. The coaches are still considering moving him to the left side, swapping with Jordan, since his left leg is still healthy and he can push-off with that leg. But there is no guarantee that Marcus can make the adjustment.

2) Burrow - Is the #1 goal of the Saints entire offseason. Weekly conversation are being held with Brady about Burrow's interest in the Saints which is sky high, as well as any potential hidden injuries which they believe are none that are serious. The conversations with the Bengals are not exploratory. They have and are continuing to have conversations with the Bengals. The Bengals know they need more than one player. They have a ton of holes to fill. The deal is very close. It could blow-up, but the Saints believe it is possible.

Burrow will turn 24 or 25 next season. That scares a number of teams who would prefer a younger QB, preferably coming out early, especially with the #1 or #2 position in the draft. The Bengals and Saints have a verbal agreement in place that is really close. Kamara goes to the Bengals and will be paired with Mixon, a combo Cincy thinks would be disruptive. The Saints are offering multiple 1s and 2s with a couple of future 3rd and 4th rounders. However, the Bengals want one more specific player who the Saints, at least to this point, are not willing to trade. The Saints are offering a few other players instead. Anything can happen to blow this up, but this deal is very close. Sean Payton thinks Burrow is a generational QB like Mahomes and Luck. (I asked who the player was and Coach Pete said that he could not answer that. So he knows).

3) Brees - I need no one to tell me how great Brees is. As a former coach, I see things Brees does which most fans cannot, and Brees is unbelievable in his trade. If they get Burrow, they want to start Burrow next year, especially since he knows the Saints offense. At this point, Brees is willing to stay in a mentor, quasi back-up role (I can't believe this personally). Brees knows, SP knows and the FO knows that Brees cannot play at a high level for an entire season and the playoffs. Brees could start the season then Burrow could come in after 3-6 games. Then they rest Brees for a playoff run if Burrow stumbles at all.

4) LSU Players and the Saints - because of Brady being in his role at LSU, the Saints have a lot of confidence in Brady's evaluation of talent. Remember the relationship Coach Sean had with Urban Meyer and all the players the Saints drafted from Ohio State. I expect to see the Saints drafting a lot more players from LSU than in the past. Brady and SP are talking every week now on a scheduled call about LSU players coming out this year.
To me personally, much of this seems way far out and a major reach. But when I looked back at Coach Pete and asked him if he wanted me to post this, he had that cocky smile and said, "Äbsolutely! everything I'm telling you is real, not any guesswork on my part."

I have my doubts, but I would never bet against Coach Pete when he has that smiling cocky look on his face and he tells me his sources are strong on certain info. I even asked Pete if he was smoking stoner stuff or the Docs have him on new meds. He just laughed and said that this is all legit.....
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Reppin' N.O. here in DFW
Trading Mike T would give such a huge cap penalty that its not worth including him. I doubt this trade happens but it will be an interesting offseason nonetheless with all of the pending free agents we have.


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When I first heard of this I was thinking;
Bengals #1 pick (3000 pts)
Armstead (Pro-bowler LT and frees lots of cap space ~9mil)
Kamara - still on rookie contract for 1 more year.
#24 this year (740 Pts)

That and maybe another #1 or #2 next year.

This is very do-able if the Bengals don't get too greedy.
I don't kneel at the altar of TA like some do but why would you trade him to get a rookie qb. You have to protect the rookie.

If a trade was to happen I tend to think Lattimore would be part of it. I know it's crazy but it's just a hunch.


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I just purchased a Kamara color rush jersey. This is disheartening

So, who would QB the Bengals if this happens? and they get rid of a first round pick and keep Dalton? Do this really make sense


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One thing that lines up is how SP procrastinates doing something. Finally getting on the LSU player train. Not saying that we should draft all or a lot of them, but Deebo Jones, Chark, etc. SP has procrastinated in the past not getting a defense, firing his goon squad defensive coaches, finding a #2 WR. Lots of missed opportunities within those years.

Side note: IF this were to happen with Burrow (huge IF), then I could see Joe Brady being offered the OC job for us.
Also......why is Kamara’s name free to be named, but not the other? Why is Kamara less valuable than other said player?
Latavius Murray and Washington


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So we are going to trade away all of our high draft picks we have for the next three years (somehow garnering the requisite multiple 1st rounders this year to make a trade happen) to get a rookie QB, of which none are a sure thing and a freak injury could end their career...and then have him run an offense without Michael Thomas and Kamara while also no longer having the draft capital to get other skill position players.

Makes sense. This is just so out there.


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None of my Saints dreams have come true. So I hope I don't dream about the Saints getting Burrow. Man it's a long time from here til April!
For what it's worth (knock on wood), my dreams have not been wrong yet. Like I said, I rarely have dreams and when I did, some were very random and they come in small snippets. I usually don't realize the moment until it actually happens and it throws me off when it happens.

I just hope to get a dream of me winning the lottery, but I'm sure that would never happen.

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