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I Must Break You
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Feb 28, 2009
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West Monroe
Just looking at this roster, on paper, this has to be the most complete team the Saints have ever had. The stars seem to have aligned and if football is played in 2020 I think the Saints are in for a special season.

O Line, check. One of the best in the league. Maybe the best. (Armstead & Ram are top 5 at their position)

QB, check. One of the best in the league (Drew is still top 5)

RB, check. A healthy AK is up there with anyone and Murray can play (AK is top 5)

WR, check. The best WR in the league is joined by a proven NFL starter in Sanders (MT is top 5)

TE, check. Cook came on strong last season and hopefully Trautman can contribute (Cook is top 10)

D Line, check...I think. If Rankins and Davenport return to form then forget about it (Cam is top 5)

LB, check. Davis is one of the best in the business and I'm not worried about losing Kline (Davis is top 5)

CB, check. Not a lot of depth here but I feel like we have two #1 type Corners (Latt is top 5)

Safety, check. Williams should continue to improve, Jenkins and CGJ offer a lot of versatilty (Williams is allegedly a top 10 FS)

Kicker, check. One of the best in the league
Punter, check. One of the best in the league
Returner, check. The best in the league
Taysom Hill, check. The best in the league.

How many teams can say they have so many players who are top 5-10 at their position? Not many. Just looking around at some other rosters and nobody is really even close. I'm going to look at some teams of the past to see if I can find a team with top tier talent at some many positions.


Dec 30, 2015
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DE and CB ,WR depth is only areas of concern

DE3 or DE4 -
CB4 (Backup Outside)
WR 4/5 - Smith Fills the 3 spot

with this said we may have the answers on the roster already at each of those positions. Any way you call it this is the best team talent, roster and chemistry wise.

I would love to see us pick up one of the available DEs : Griffin, Clowney, Golden or Anasah.

and pickup either a CB like Tremaine Johnson (Outside) or WR in Gordon (Outside)

Realistically speaking if 2 out of 3 of those things are done and everyone plays at their best and ful potiental you could be talking about the greatest team ever assembled.

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