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Mar 16, 2002
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Opelousas, LA
I finished the year 5-8. I was 2-7 in my last 9 games. I tied with another guy for 6th place and got in cause I had more points than him. our league had 3 guys at 10-3, one guy at 9-4, and a guy at 7-6 in the playoffs. I beat all 3 of the 10-3 guys in my playoff run.

here is my team, hardly world beaters. I just picked up ivory and graham, and never used them. I just didnt want the other guy to pick them up.

Grats on the victory! I won my league as well. But I was the world beater. 11 - 2 really only lost those 2 games because of bye weeks, but it is what it is. Had a playoff bye (14 team league, top 6 get in playoffs, top 2 get byes), and put up 2 average weeks in the playoffs, but it was still enough. (108.98 last week and 105.12 this week). By far best team I have had. Drafting Kolb in the 8th round was the deal sealer, because I needed to take the chance on Vick when he went down and it paid off. Arian Foster in the 5th round was the other steal. I dropped Meach in the final week and picked up Jimmy Graham with Heap out for the finals. What my team looked like below.


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