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Apr 26, 2006
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Diamondhead, MS via Houston, Tx, via Starkville, M
Some of you may know my story. I lost my wife last July and thought I could stay here in Houston. Well with no family here, just a couple of friends and the fact that things got weird here with my in laws I have decided to move home.

I am in outside sales and am looking for something along the MS Gulf
Coast and New Orleans areas. I am applying like crazy to jobs, but any of you know of something I would appreciate the heads up.

I am going to be living in Diamondhead MS. After living in Houston, TX for 17 years driving to and from New Orleans will be no big deal. Most of the sales jobs I have applied for includes the New Orleans metro and MS Gulf Coast area as the sales territory anyway.

Thank you for any help SR nation!!!

BTW I have money saved up and I am relocating back in December with or without a job. Preferably with a job before then though.

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Mar 16, 2016
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I'm from the coast. I got a job at Solar Alternatives in New Orleans as an outside sales rep but ended up pursuing something else. This was several years ago so I don't know what they are looking for now but if you've got some experience I would think they would take a good look at you.

Good luck on the job hunt! The coast is usually downright awful for finding most any job, which is part of the reason I moved off and away. New Orleans is better, but not great like the Houston area.

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