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Irish Saint

Oct 18, 2006
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Longford, Ireland
Hello Nawlins,

I placed my weekly 5 Euro accumulator on 11 games this weekend. I did a ten game one last week & got 9 right with the Dolphins beating the Bears to screw it up on me. This one returns 246 euro if correct. Here they are,

Baltimore to beat Tennessee,
Indianapolis to beat Buffalo
Atlanta to beat Cleveland,
Green Bay to beat Minnesota,
Jacksonville to beat Houston,
Kansas City to beat Miami,
San Diego to beat Cincinnatti,
Detroit to beat San Francisco,
Philadelphia to beat Washington,
Denver to beat Oakland,
Dallas to beat Arizona,

Anybody in agreement & all views welcome.

Geaux Saints...........
GB over Minnesota is the questionable one. Minny is a better team, they just had a hideous two game stretch. Plus Minny as at home.

San Fran vs Detroit is a little bit of a crap-shot, but I agree, I think the Lions take it.
I think Minn. will win since they will be motivated to get off the slide. Also, I expect Miami to win again.
I think Minn. will win since they will be motivated to get off the slide. Also, I expect Miami to win again.

Kansas City is way better. Chicago lost that game, Miami didn't win it (well maybe Jason Taylor did but no one else).
Yeah the Green Bay Minny one is up in the air. I always pick one game that might throw it a bit & that was the one this week, anyway fingers crossed. Hopefully it will come in so i can add the two hundred odd euros to my savings for my trip to New Orleans.
Don't know why, but I see Houston beating Jacksonville. I have no reason for this, it's just a gut feeling. Or a bad dinner. One or the other.
All your picks sre too predictable, you can bet there will be at least one upset in that mix.

no Saints- Steelers prediction????

Good luck !!!!!!!!

you must truely be a fan, I too have that rule on betting the SAINTS ( jinx)

I like your picks other than the GB game GOOD LUCK

GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have a Survivor Bowl that we call Eliminator where you pick 1 NFL team to win and if they win you cant take them again this year. If you lose you out the game. I picked the Saints over Pittsburgh. I figure I will get this one win out the way so I dont have to pick my Saints anymore. Nobody else took them and Im sticking by the team to come out with a win and sink the Toilet Towels further.

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