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Oct 26, 2004
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I wanted to wait till later in the week to do this so that I could gage what people were saying about the game , us fans , media local and national this is what I have seen.

Most opinions on the game are quite diffrent . From the Giants are the better team and will win a close one. to the Saints will blow out the Giants.

Well here is my take. I say Saints win in the range of like 28-17 to 31-23

This is why . This is a year of change for this team, they have payed more attention to detail in everything they have dont all offseason. Do any of you think they Know that we are 0-3 after the buy week under Payton ? We are 1-0 after a buy week when it matters most under Payton ( Playoff win vs Philly ) . This team knows that if we win on Sunday it is a huge boost for us and a HUGE wake up call to the entire league.

Most people are just sorta discounting what this defense is capable of doing. This is not a unit that was blown up and built from scratch. Most of these guys have played together for 3 or 4 years. All we did was change the Leader of it ( Coach Williams ) and add key pieces ( Sharper and Greer , Hargrove ) . this group has a potintial to be a very good group when its all said and done. they are playind with a completly different attitude then we have seen here in what 15 years ? Now the Dome Patrol they are not, but we can be better than most anyone would have thought we would be. mark my words they will be a big reason we win on Sunday !!

And finely Drew will have a good game , the Giants secondary is banged up and I'm sorry that is not a good thing when you face Drew Brees and this offense. He has been alittle slow in the passing game the past two weeks but Hey I'm not complaining we have won and the plan in both of those games seemed to be to run the ball.
Our Oline is the big key in this game I say this because in the 3 seasons they have played together have they ever not been able to protect Drew ? What do they give up 13 sacks a year ? Who else does that ? I know Drew is the best at getting the ball out but the Boys up front deserve a tone of credit. Not to metion everyone saying they are soft and cant runblock well last I checked we had 3 running backs squirting through some hole that you could drive a truck through so we can now give that a rest.

The crowd will play a big part in this one Eli has never played in the Dome, even thoughhe has seen games there he has no idea how loud it can be for you on the Field. I know Kenny and Gus and alot of other media people are saying the Giants dont get bothered on the road BUT this is the Superdome people The loudest place to play in my opinion because we fans are so close to the field on top of it being a Dome.

So there it is we Win in a Very good game and that is why i say we do .

Fire away boys and girls

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