My fantasy loss is the Saints gain! (1 Viewer)


Jun 14, 2007
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I am trying to take solace in my exit from the fantasy playoff this season. I had Kenny Golladay but I knew his matchup was brutal and injuries meant that they would key on him. I was right. He was worth .5 points in my league. That said, I tried to be objective and thought the only way the Bucs would have any success against us was from behind and against Eli Apple so I slid Godwin in figuring his volume was good for 70 yards and a garbage time TD. Apple killed Godwin. I'll take that volume every week but I gambled against the Saints there and paid for it.

Then comes the matchup-proof Todd Gurley. I need an average game from him and Zeurlien, but at the risk of the Rams winning and keeping a lead on the Saints for the 1 seed. As it is, it all went well for the Saints with Gurley dropping the worst game of the season in many fantasy playoff matchups. My loss --- Saints gain. Such is the fickle world of fantasy football. For those of you remaining in the playoffs beware the seemingly favorable matchup against the black and gold. You have been warned ;)

I feel better this morning ... I may have lost but those losses bode well for our Saints. Who Dat!

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