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Saints fan in Eagle land
Jun 25, 2008
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Lansford, Pa
I tried earlier this year to win a Fathead from their Facebook page only to miss out do to the rules. THIS time however, they are running a contest on what team has the best name and why, and the person with the most "likes" on their comment wins today. SO....those on FB, could you PLEASE add the Fathead FB page and "like" my comment under the contest for the best name?

MUCH appreciated!! The contest ends today at 5 PM ET.!/fathead
MUCH thanks guys!

I am losing to someone who put the Yankees. THAT can't happen!! Anyone else care to help me out????

And my comment is the 1st Saints one listed mentioning that the Saints got their franchise on All Saints Day.
you just got one more vote - but you need at least 5 more to win
Got mine in at the last second, but it looks like Army Black Knights whipped everyone. I'd guess someone made an announcement in front of a formation somewhere.

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