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Feb 27, 2005
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Phoenix, AZ
Ok first off I know this is out there, however no sillier than what the Chargers and Giants did that unforgettable year so here goes...

***With barely any time left on the clock the commish announces a last second trade between the Dolphins and the Saints whereby the Saints give their 10th pick and 3rd round as well as a 2nd & 4th round pick next year and Announce...

1. New Orleans - ***Glen Dorsey Loomis and payton know they gave up too much however all there Defensive aqquisitions mean nothing with out winning it in the trenches, plus with making Benson stoked as much as he was for Bush and therefore making the fans happy( esp. by screwing the Falclowns), selling tickets and jerseys will make up for the over compensation in draft picks to the Happy Dolphins that will be able to get Ryan much cheaper

2. St. Louis - ***Chris Long Amazed hes still there they steal him and breathe a sigh of relief to finally begin Little's exit

3. Atlanta - ***Jake Long Upset about loosing Dorsey, they find solace in a 10 year starting Tackle

4. Oakland - ***Darren McFadden cranky about not being able to pull the trigger and get Howie's kid, Davis does the Al Davis-like thing and begins a huge competition in the backfield and sells some jerseys

5. Kansas City - ***Sedrick Ellis They went with the obvious choice to help prepare for another year in the leagues best division of RB's (now)

6. N.Y. Jets - ***Vernon Gholston No idea how the Jets fans will take another De 1st round pick but they take him to sure up a fantastic LB corp and to spite the Patriots

7. Dallas - ***Leodis McKelvin Yes they pull the trigger on a near straight up swap with the Patriots The cowboys get pick 7 and swap 2nd rounders with the Pats and give the Patriots picks 22 and 28. (The Pats would've also taken McKelvin but they continue their tradition of snubbing top rated players for potential system guys and set their sights on Talib and Connor) and with a seemingly Elite corner the Cowgirls feel this still gives them an advantage over the cheating pats...

8. Baltimore - *** Matt Ryan Though much time was spent pondering Clady the new Coaches decides to really usher in a new age and make his mark on the franchise.

9. Cincinnati - ** Phillip Merling In the first reach of the draft the Bengals make the the Colts when they reached for Freeney and hope his size will do more to battle the run than Keith rivers

10. Miami - **Brian Brohm Leaning towards Ryan Miami is quite happy with the under rated Brohm and its many extra picks from Nola.

11. Buffalo - *** Malcom Kelly No surprises here and Bills fans are stoked

12. Denver - *** Ryan Clady Fills a big need and the "new GM" goes with the safe choice

13. Carolina - *** Chris Williams Never a team to go with BPA the cats fill their biggest need with a smart kid

14. Chicago - *** Rashard Mendenhall Quite the opposite Chicago isn't shy about BPA and gets a huge play maker in hopes of becoming more dynamic and screwing the Lions, but QB must be addressed later

15. Detroit - **Jeff Otah Coming close to making the sexy pick of DRC they actually make sense here though many will argue its early but what other option do they have for a pschitzophrenic Offense?

16. Arizona - *** Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie After all the hype he ends up in the desert to help erase memories of Antrel Rolle getting beat every series, and thusly securing poor Keith Rivers dramatic fall out of the top 20

18. Houston - **Mike Jenkins Tough choice but if there is a team that plays it safer in the draft I don't know who it is...

19. Philadelphia - *** Limas Sweed Faced with the Luxury of many Wr's to pick they go with the biggest and most popular

20. Tampa Bay - ***DeSean Jackson Only slightly disapointed they are happy with the UCLA boy

21. Washington - ***Kenny Philips Emotional pick here... their highest WRs gone they make the right choice here

22. New England - ***Keith Rivers To the dismay of many Patriots commit grand larceny and get the bext LB in the draft and have a chance at another stud in just a little bit...

23. Pittsburgh - **Derrick Harvey Cleaning up the top 20 kids talent-wise the steelers get a malleable force to insert when needed

24. Tennessee - **Kentwan Balmer Knowing they need WR they ignore it yet again and scramble to sure up a depleted defense and get insurance if the face-stomper leaves

25. Seattle - ***James Hardy Surprising a few they go BPA and get a huge target

26. Jacksonville - **Calais Campbell Getting an amazing athlete and a big need in one pick will make fans cheer just as they did when they made many upgrades on the Offense through free-agency

27. San Diego - **Aqib Talib Stern Mr. Smith cracks a big smile with this one falling to his lap... and for taking Talib before the Pats do as he would've been perfect for their system as well

28. New England - **Brandon Flowers Flowers is a decent consolation prize when Talib is gone and they complete an amazing 1st round and got to pick twice despite their cheating and evil Bill and evil Mr. Kraft laugh like villans as they played Mr. jones who is now scratching his head...

29. San Francisco - ***Dan Connor Tempted to get either one of the WR's from state of Michigan, they plug up there last remaining Defensive question and hope that lightning strikes twice after Willis's year of domination

30. Green Bay - ***Fred Davis With the new guy taking over they have to go by the book and get an athletic safety valve for Rodgers to take over this year

31. N.Y. Giants - **Jerod Mayo After a quiet rise on many boards the Giants make a risky pick to close out the first round as Mayo just edges out Manningham for BPA for an area of need that is somewhat shallow on "big-time" talent

Well other than the few early big trades i tried to stay as realistic as I could keeping in mind what past GM's have done recently as well as which teams do given to pressures of staying competitive within divisions and/or conferences.

Sorry to post yet another mock draft in here but I hope I made one that was entertaining and something a few of you could get behind =)


Whodie I'm a Saints fan
Dec 13, 2006
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Gert Town
Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's not NEARLY enough to trade up to the #1 pick. Nowhere even close to enough trade ammunition.

dat dam dog

Platinum VIP Contributor
Jul 11, 2006
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Pompano Beach, Florida
Well, Saints & Devils,

You are right about one thing:

"Ok first off I know this is out there"

This is pretty absurd stuff.


See Hard

Spelling Police
Jan 11, 2006
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Laffy Louise
1. not nearly enough ammo.
2. we cant trade next years 2nd. It is part of the conditional package for Vilma.
3. we don't have to trade up to #1 to get Glenn Dorsey. We may only have to move up 2-3 spots if any at all.


Mar 20, 2007
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Belfast, Ireland
That's nothing near what could get us the #1 pick even though it's value has taken a hit this year.
If we want the number one pick I think it would be more like what you gave up plus our second rounder this year and first next year. Far too much to give up and that would set the franchise back 2 or 3 years with lost picks.
#5 is the highest I would go for Dorsey/Ellis, and I think that would have to be a 1 and 2 for 1 deal.


Very Banned
Mar 14, 2003
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So next year we will only have our 1st, 5th, 6th, and 7th rounder.

Not going to happen.

I think your middle to late 1st round picks are "ok" everything else seems kinda out there.


it is lit
Dec 23, 2006
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