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Aug 21, 2006
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Okay so i work at a store on canal st, and they sell NFL Beads, so everyfriday i wear the opposings teams beads, and the one week i did'nt do it was when we played carolina(yea i kno i messed up), but even when we played the eagles, some people(philly fans) came into the store and was like wow you are an eagles fan, which promted me to explain that i wear the opposing team beads everyfriday,and how good we have been doing so i kept doing it, so the classy eagles fan they were offered me 100.00 dollars for the beads around my neck, i was tempted, but i had to decline, then they went ahead and bought every single eagles beads that was on the rack, which was like 60 beads at 5.99 a pop, so i am at work now, and i hide one pair of the ravens beads to insure that i will be able to keep the ritual up, i am sure other fans do what they do, so if you would share what it is you do that would be great, so i cant wait for tommorow and i hope i meet some ravens fan, should be a great game ill be in the Dome!

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