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Sep 6, 2006
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I guess the biggest question in my mind would be, was this a bye week hangover or are we really this bad?

I'm leaning toward the bye week hangover. Balt had 2 weeks to fester over a loss , where went went into the bye on top of the world. National media stroking us into complacency. After all who are the palyers? 20 somethings with more money than most of us have. Focus can be hard to maintain. It seemed to me the fans were complacent as well. I can't put my finger on it, but there just seemed to be a general lack of enthusiasm, which i might extrapolate went all the way to the players. Mental mistakes were reminiscent of the Haz years. I haven't seen the stats, but i'm guessing we had as many false starts as the ravens, this is not acceptable. Perhaps too much time away from practice?

To qoute M&M we were "snapped back to reality" and hopefully we can learn from this. Honestly i thought we would win this game and lose to Tampa next week. After all tampa played us pretty much even in our house, so if they do the same in their house, they have the advantage.

We (the players) need to realize that you have to be ready to play every week, just becuse the media says you are great, doesn't mean you are, especially if you make the errors like you did today.

on a brighter note, the boys did keep playing, and actually stopped the ravens juggernaut offense :p in the second half. Colston looks better each week, And now i can finally wash the mustard stain off my Deuce jesrey following the loss...

When the bears didn't show up mentally to the cardinals game, they still managed to win. We were not so lucky. Hopefully we can get it back together for the Tampa game.

I hate to say it, but tonight, i'm a cowgurls fan.....

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