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Jul 8, 2001
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The missus and I were in town last weekend for the game and festivities. One of the best parts of these visits for us are the restaurants. A quick review:
Friday night - Rock 'n Sake - not New Orleans food, I know, but really good sushi. We'd been a couple months without sushi and hadn't set up reservations anywhere so we headed to the Warehouse District based largely on the Scott Fujita "Who Dat Fish" clips that were linked here at one time. Hip atmosphere, good sake selection and a couple great rolls. The Rainbow Roll was crabmeat and asparagus topped with tuna, salmon and yellowtail. We also had the Pierre Thomas roll that was topped with seared ribeye and a spicy cilantro sauce. I'd definitely hit this place again.
Saturday - Cooter Brown's - Hurried up the River Bend after the golf outing at Audubon and grabbed a shrimp poboy. The wife had a warm muffuletta and we topped 'em off with a couple pitchers of Anchor Steam. I love Cooter Brown's.
Saturday night - Upperline - The only disappointing meal of the weekend. We'd eaten here before (albeit several years ago) and I remember being quite impressed. Not so this time. Started off with a glass of tepid water and kinda went downhill for me after that. I will say that the duck and andouille gumbo to start was very good. Dark roux. Solid flavors. The wife's fried green tomatoes with shrimp remoulade were tasty, as well. But I blew it with the entree when the waiter mentioned a special filet mignon with a port garlic reduction topped with fried oysters. The steak was small. And I mean small. Maybe four ounces kinda like a lunch size. There was ONE fried oyster on top and three more on the plate. Never tasted a garlic port reduction and the quality of the meat was average at best. It was cooked, as I requested, medium rare but had very little flavor and wasn't particularly tender. No sides. Just a tiny piece of meat with four fried oysters. The wife had a drum meuniere topped with lump crabmeat that was passable, but nothing to write home about. I'd definitely think twice before making reservations here again.
Sunday morning - Luke - Tried to go to Mother's, but the line was down the street and we had to eat somewhere so we ran in here. Not big on upscale places for breakfast, but this wasn't bad. Had a crabmeat omelet topped with white cheese. They also serve a side of fries with almost everything, I think. Topped off with a solid Bloody Mary and a pretty good start to the day. Never real happy about dropping 60 bucks on a breakfast for two, though.
Sunday night - Tommy's Cuisine - We drank our lunch at the Dome and were starving by the time we got back to our room. Got an early seating at Tommy's and we weren't disappointed. Started out with a soft shell crab appetizer, as well as Oyster's Tommy (six on the half-shell topped with prosciuto, parmesan and roasted red peppers and flash-broiled). I had the duck which was outstanding. The waiter suggested I have the berry demi-glace on the side so that the skin on the duck stays crispy. Nice call. The bird is served on a bed of wilted spinach with fried shoestring sweet potatoes. The best meal of the weekend. The wife had fish. Again. This time it was a black drum almondine topped with jumbo lump crab. It's crab season, if you couldn't tell. We topped it off with a nice Russian River Chardonnay and stuffed ourselves with some kind of chocolate truffle dessert. Went back to the room and passed out before 10.
Monday morning - Cafe Du Monde - We'd been in New Orleans three days and this was our first look at the French Quarter (not counting a quick walk straight up Bourbon to the little bar we partied at all night Saturday). An order of beignets and a large chocolate milk. Heaven on earth.


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Aug 9, 2004
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Charleston, SC
I agree that Upperline isn't worth the trip. And Tommy's is pretty solid all around.

Now I'm hungry!

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