My outlook - gotta have the DR thread on the draft (lol) (1 Viewer)

David Robbins

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Mar 30, 2001
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Well, I really wanted either a LB, or a WR with our 1st round pick. Somehow, I knew that when the Chargers made the move to get in front of us, it would throw us a wrinkle. Sure enough, they took Murray. Well, I thought that left Queen, so maybe that would be our pick. Then came the shocker. Another Center, 2 years in a row.

@ 1st I was highly upset over the pick. What else is new, right? But, I got to thinking about it. It kinda makes sense. Warford is a high-dollar cap hit, and is getting up there in age, and Payton had already said that he was considering OL as a need area earlier. But, center? OF course, McCoy can also play Guard, which I don't think Ruiz can - not effectively - and that will help. Wouldn't surprise me to see Warford traded now.

Still, this leaves us a problem. What do we do now @ LB and WR - not to mention our minor need of CB? I don't view any of the remaining LB'ers as 3 down starters (not yet), so we are gonna have to hope that Anzalone and Alonzo can stay healthy now. @ Receiver, the news is much better, as this draft is very deep at this position.

One other problem we have is @ #3 QB. I see it now that it is a must to go after one of the FA QB's available now, after the draft is done.

As it stands, this draft leaves a big question mark as of right now, depending on if we can trade up and get a high 2nd round pick.

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