My perfect end to this incredible off-season (1 Viewer)

I'm sure he plays big.
Heart of a giant.
Dog mentality.
Burning passion for the game.
[Insert any other unproven intangible that fans typically cling to]

Something about bringing a lunch pail every day...?
Don't think Warford will be cut. 1) Payton said Warford would have to compete for that starting job. Implication he is staying. 2) Doubtful they would cut him this late.

i honestly don’t think you would hear Payton say any differently if there is even a remote chance that they would like to trade him. You Just can’t undermine his value completely. And I do think he is valuable, just not at his salary. Without a cap, I say keep him. But if it comes down to him or depth elsewhere, I would prefer elsewhere.

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