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On the surface it doesn't seem too daunting of a task for us, but these games can go either way, and we've been on both sides of these close games, so let's look at who we got left.

@SF - Shouldn't be too tough of a game but lately we haven't done too well on the road. So we'll need a complete game from both sides of the ball.

Broncos at home - Denver's offense doesn't scare anyone but that defense is downright terrifying. My goodness they have playmakers at each level and they're FAST AS HELL. Really not looking forward to that one but I hope we can somehow pull out the W.

@Panthers - Gonna be a dog fight. I don't know if Arizona is really that bad, or if Carolina has "figured it out", and are playing at the level they did last season when they were darn-near unbeatable. Gonna be a tough game for us... I don't like our chances in this one only because its HARD to sweep a team in division (unless they truly suck, which Carolina doesn't).

Rams at home - Let's be honest... if there's one team that "has our number" its the Rams (along with Cleveland). I don't know what it is about them but we always get a tough game from them, and the last couple times we played them they kicked our ***. Another tough game for us, but I like our chances.

Lions at home - Lions will be a tough game but I like our chances in this one. Stafford will throw the ball 50+ times, and it may look real bad for our defensive stats, but I think they will get a bunch of garbage time yardage. I like our offense vs their defense.

@Bucs - These division games can go either way, but Tampa's defense isn't much better than ours (we give up 7 more yds per game), but our offense is so much better than theirs. I like our chances in that one.

@Cardinals - They're playing some bad football right now, but I don't know if that's gonna be the case later in the season. I'm not feeling this game. Maybe I will change my mind by the time we play them, but for now I don't like our chances in this one.

Bucs at home - I'm calling the sweep here. By now Tampa will be hoping for the season to end, and even when we have been out the playoff race, Payton has gotten these guys to play ball in these late-season game. We win this one big.

@Falcons - Falcons Week is always huge. No way we let them sweep us, and its gonna take a great game in all phases to win it... but I think we will.

This is just how I see it. I hope we can win out, but that's not very realistic with all the injures we've had. We're getting some folks back, so that should help. If it all goes the way I called it here we'll finish 9-7, which could be enough to get us into t he playoffs assuming the Falcons lose a few more.

How do y'all see realistically see this season unfolding?

Broncos at home
Rams at home
Lions at home
Bucs at home

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