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Jul 14, 2008
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Elkview, West Virginia
Sorry about these waits guys ive been busy and all but im here and ready to do a take on the jets. The Jets are a good team if not great there a real test to us right now. not saying our other teams were but u know wht i mean:hihi: So anyways Mark Sanchez rookie if we can pressure him maybe we can force some bad throws out of this rookie. There d is amazing and just the right match for our O. It will be a nice thing to see our o and there d collide. Our D line is the most improtant thing today. Like i said earlier if we can pressure Mark with our big d he will make some mistakes because like i said hes a rookie getting new hes still young. Over all great game looking forward to it Final score we eak this on out 33-28. player of the game Drew Bress :hihi:

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