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Feb 11, 2011
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I'm still a little bit in disbelief. Now as a person I have a general dislike for Jamies and not for his on the field antics, but his off the field incidents. With that said hopefully this is a wake up call for him and getting out of Florida will help him mature and if he does, my views of him as a person will also improve.

With that said.

As a player he is very talented and could be a top 5 QB potentially. Here is what to look forward too.

5 ways Winston will improve because of his new and better circumstances.

1. Lasix not sure how nearsighted he was but this can only help.
2. Coaching, Payton is a huge upgrade over anything he's ever had.
3. Mentoring, has Winston ever had a mentor? Well he has a great one now.
4. Running game, Tampa had an up and down run game which was mostly down this will take a lot of pressure off him.
5. A great Oline, in 72 games he was sacked 169 times at Tampa. Saints Oline is a vast improvement over what he's had.

He probably won't see the field much this year, but when he does it will be interesting to see how much this helps him.

2 ways he can improve, but has to do it himself.

1. Maturity, on and off the field he needs to work on this and hopefully he gets it turned around.
2. Decision making, if #1 happens this one will definitely follow.

He has a chance to follow in the footsteps of 3 former Bucs in Doug Williams, Steve Young and Trent Dilfer? He has the talent, now he just needs to mature as a person and a leader and he can potentially join them as Super Bowl winners.

I'm pulling for him to pull it together as a person first and a player 2nd, hopefully he won't disappoint.
We're going into the season with one of the most accomplished backup quarterbacks any team has ever had. This is a good thing. Not sure why this is so personal for lots of folks here. Would we really rather have Chase Daniels and Luke McCown? Because neither of those guys could get a win if Drew goes down. That's what its all about. This guy is the best option.

This article shows improvement in maturity and decision making hopefully it's the beginning of an upward trend for him.
I don't feel like we have the need to judge the character of the player in Jameis situation i mean who are we to say what he did or didn't do. It's all in the past anyway. We should be discussing Jameis strictly as a player. Sean Payton knows how to manage the locker room and what he saw in Jameis was good enough for him. The only real bad character guy that got out of hand with saints was Gallete, but he's out the league now. I think we will be fine with Jameis.
I don’t think Winston is a bad character guy as much as he was immature and entitled. I watched Hard Knocks when they featured the Bucs and I think he has a good heart. He needed a change of scenery and he needs to get serious. He needs to do what Drew does. If he does that then the sky is the limit.
We signed him for one purpose this season. To chunk the hail Mary if needed!
I'm hoping he can dish dirt on lineman tendencies. He got sacked a ton in the time there. I'm sure he knows player's weaknesses so we can lay Brady out...
Bruh. Y'all can miss me with all this stuff that happened BEFORE. This is the after. He was never charged of. C'mon, this is a fresh start and maybe this time he gets it right. He is a Saint now for the time being. Let's see what he got. I swear if this guy comes in and learns and possibly take the starting spot in the near future and gets wins I swear people will speak a different time. Y'all talking spit and dont even know what's gonna happen. Please :kgo-057:
i missed the guilty verdict. link?

there is almost never one in these athlete cases. Lets just assume they are all innocent.

I am not really sure what the point is with this. Either its that you believe everyone that doesn't get convicted is absolutely innocent or that you think that our personal opinions of people have to side with the courts. It doesn't work that way.

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