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Dec 17, 2003
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I guess it took me a few days to get my thoughts together after the stunned game we played on Sunday and coming so close really took me for a loop and failing it really hurt my nerves becuase I thought we could win the Steelers game if we had played our cards right, but here's the basic low down on the game.

The Defense has to step up big time, any time you get into panic mode and allow 200 yard rushing and let the Steelers QB Big Ben throw all over its time to reflect and get back to basics and thats be that dominating Defense we began at Cleveland 12 weeks ago and win by not letting the other team run all over us.

We cant get into anotehr shoot out this Sunday aginast Cincinnati, it cant happen period, we tried that this past week in Pittsburgh and we came up short, Brees God bless his soul played his heart out but he needs more then just having to rely on last minute heriocs to save our butts agian, and Drew has saved us more thne once this season, he's the reason why we are 6-3 and along with Colston is the prime mover and shaker to make this engine go.

We need his production even more.
Drew may be the guy who has to lead us to the playoffs becuase he is really the man who is willing it to be good, he is lights years ahead of Aaron Brooks and his tenure here, he is actaully a guy who knows what he is doing and makes good decisions, he has to be the guy who gets it done along with Colston.

Colston is the ROY, hands down
Bush is coming on strong too as evident by his performance Sunday, he is getting more comfortable in his new role as RB/WR hybrid type player and is making some good contributions.
We have a good defesne, we just need a better one to show up from now on this season.

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