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Frank The Rat

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Apr 20, 2000
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Albany, LA
Where do you begin! Call me crazy, but Baltimore didn't really win that game. We gave it away, pure and simple.

turnovers - I lost count. Reggie's fumble I believe was coming out before he even got hit. He could have had a touchdown if he would have thrown the pass to the pylon instead of the inside. Two fo brees' interceptions come off tips. The other because he got hit just as he was throwing the ball.

Penalties - Where in the H-E-Double Hockey sticks did all of the penalties come from. For one, is this the first time this crew has reffed one of our games, because if it is I hope its the last. Never seen so many flags. Not saying that they were all bad calls, but dang.

If we don't turn this ball over and kill ourselves with penalties we win this game. It was Billicks offense or the Ravens defense. The Saints loss that game more then the Ravens won it. I give their defense credit, but I still believe we should have won.

Colston - What a find this kid is. If anyone out there still thinks we should have kept Stallworth over Colston they need their head examined. All he does is catch the ball. The only thing on one of the plays I think it only raised one hand to try to catch the pass and really didn't have to stretch to do that....he should have used two on that play and he probably would have had even more yardage. Not sure if that is one of the plays with the interceptions or not.

Horn - Another good game by Horn. He is still a very good receiver.

Brees - I think he had a good game, despite the 3 interceptions. He was harrassed all game and still moved the offense despite the fact that there was virtually no running game to speak of.

Defensively - Ok, am I the only one that also though McNair would run for the first touchdown. He continued to run on us. There is no reason for that. I can't place all the blame on them because really they only gave up 21 points and most on short fields. The other two touchdowns were on interceptions. I still think there is some work to do though.

Bottom line - Payton has a lot of work to do because we must come out next week and beat the Bucs. It has to be done.
I think we came out believing all the hype and we needed a game like this to come back to earth. This team needs to play disciplined and smart ball to win. We are not going to get many more W's if the players don't buy back into the program. There were a number of things good today, but our guys gotta close ranks and execute. Too many mistakes, too little focus.

Just those bye-week bayou' Bluuuuuuues..

NEXT WEEK!!....... on da rebound!

The real Saints didn't show up today and the Ravens did. Lets get back to basics.

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