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Dec 17, 2003
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Professional football in america is a unique sport, filled to the brink of toughness and daring all the time to be too original. it is filled with colorful characters and straight laced stone men who like the gladatiors of old stand in a coliseum of rage and adulation. To me that is the NFL. the myth and reality and where the past meets the present.

their are no pretenses and no lack of inability, for 17 Sundays in the Fall the people of America get a special treat in seeing men who wear silver and black, steel curtians, and doomsday on destruction face off and take us on a 3 hour ride inside the circus that is lore and mythic to the glory of Ancient rome. This is the times of where we see good and evil, and no inbetween. Their are no phonies or shallowness, but cruel and unique vicious characters who will laugh and tear you apart and happily come back for more.

so what is myth and reality, two opposite diagrams of opposing paradigms in the NFL.
their is New Orleans soul and jazz mixed in with Detroit steel, their is Steeler rage mixed in with the bohemian Bronco attire. the swashbuckling bucs and the Raiders attack are the themes from coast to coast and will swipe your imaginations into your buildings, and I am starting to rhyme and I like it.

the NFL, so damn good its belong out side a building, so put in side your building.


Shocking....isn't it?
Jul 17, 2001
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All you NFLs belong to us in me building.

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