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Aug 6, 2011
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Everyone in the media is talking about the Packers trading up to draft Jordan Love (which I agree was a dumb move to trade up for a guy who would have been there when they drafted). The talk is that the Packers didn’t once look to get Rodgers any receiving help, and how this should be a final straw for him in GB. (1. he is stuck in GB for 3 more years 2. What can he do to show his displeasure).

If the Packers were going Best Player Available, and Love was high enough on their board then the move makes sense. And with their following picks, if WR/TE/RB weren’t BPA what were they supposed to do, reach for a receiver?

Why did they need to draft a receiver? They have Devante Adams, but they also have a lot of young receivers (wr/te/rb) who are still developing, so you want them to add another person that they will need to develop? I know Brees has done more with less, so wouldn’t this be a great opportunity for ARod to show that he is still elite?

This all smacks of stupidity to me so perhaps someone can make sense of it.
Rodgers has openly referenced that he is in the “home stretch” of his career many times in recent years. Add that with changing plays (what seemed to be on purpose) last year, along with whatever trust issues he had with his new head coach, and this is what it has become. By his “home stretch” comments, you can’t blame the team for adding a QB to be the heir.
What’s funny is have you ever heard the national media, during Brees’ entire tenure, that he needs more weapons? It seems to me that that same standard is not applied to Rodgers, and that the national media constantly makes excuses for Rodgers’ weapons, supporting cast, and defenses.

Maybe I’ve just been blind to it, but I haven’t heard the national media afford Brees the same excuses. Surely, the great QB who beat Brees out for the all decade team shouldn’t need so many excuses, right?
The NFL is a business and the Packers have to do what's best for the franchise and not Aaron Rodgers. I don't have a problem with this move. I wouldn't have had a problem if Payton drafted Mahomes 3 years ago.

Aaron Rodgers is 36 years old, makes a lot of money and has missed games due to injuries over the last few years.
He said he wanted to play until 40, he has 3 years left on his contract at which time he will be 39. They did the same thing to Favre so I’m not sure why people are freaking out.
This has probably been shared on here before, but here’s a good article that highlights McCarthy’s departure in GB and gives insight to Rodger’s “leadership” style, grudging nature, and passive aggressive tendencies. Reading this sure makes me glad to have Brees as my QB.

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Rogers legacy will be that of a very talented Q.B who had poor leadership skills, was difficult and perhaps underachieved. You hear players and former ones heap praise on Favre, Brees and Peyton Manning. Not so much when it comes to Aaron. Most often critical stories about him come out.
I think it’s a dumb move. They made the playoffs last year and could’ve used that pick to improve on a weakness. Rodgers has said he plans to play for a while, so he’s not retiring early.

With that said, this would be the right pick if they’re planing to move on from Rodgers and get cheaper at the qb position. He hasn’t put up big numbers recently that I remember. He seems to not want to push the ball down the field and risk an interception. Even with that, I think there’s a team that would trade for him.

This could also be a power move by the packers. Maybe Aaron is being petty behind the scenes and trying to override the new coaches philosophy. Maybe this is their way of letting him know to get in line because we’ve got a guy waiting who will.

I still say they could have made a better pick, even if Rodgers has regressed he’s still good enough to get the job done. And I don’t feel the need to compare how the media reacts to Rodgers vs brees wr help over the years. Stop watching that crap.
They drafted love for the same reasons the Patriots brought in Matt Cassel, Jacoby Brisett, Brian Hoyer and Jimmy Garoppolo. They provided great insurance to an aging QB and were able to sell off those assets for more than they paid for them (draft currency).

The Athletic's Bob McGinn believes Packers coach Matt LaFleur has "simply had enough of (Aaron) Rodgers’ act and wanted to change the narrative" with the team's selection of Utah State QB Jordan Love.
McGinn, of course, is Mr. Packers, having covered the team for decades. It is important to emphasize this is merely his opinion, but it is notable nonetheless. In his own words, McGinn now believes the Packers have "leverage with their imperial quarterback and his passive-aggressive style."

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