N/S: Colts radio voice trashes Peyton off the air (1 Viewer)

Maybe the radio guy should trash the GM and coaches for not getting Peyton someone to throw to other than 3 guys.

A line that could block and at least one NFL caliber running back wouldn't hurt either. Im amazed one guy carried that team this long with absolutely no running game. I'm sure about 29 other teams would be happy to take their troubles off their hands.
To me this doesn't do anything but prove that this is certainly a "what have you done for me lately" world.

Your accoplishments over time really don't matter all that much. First sign of decline or an extended slump and they'll turn on you.

Always try to go out on top, on your own terms.

LOL. Yeah, it doesn't take much. I can distinctly recall posters blasting away at the Saints while we were up by 15-18 against Seattle.
The guy was probably just blowing off some steam. Who in their right mind would bench Manning and bring in Painter. The Colts are a .500 team with Manning...imagine without.
I was about to defend Manning, but in the end I found absolutely no reason to. His numbers, accomplishments and skill speak for themselves. Dude will go down as the best QB of all time.
Lord knows there are people on this very board that suggested just this season that we should sit Drew Brees and give Chase Daniel a look-see. People typed that (or variances of that) and then clicked submit.

Calling for us to put in Daniel was utterly stupid, but wanting to put in Curtis Painter is even more absurd because they have SEEN how terrible he is when he actually plays in real games! He is awful! They're pretty much conceding defeat whenever they put him in. I don't know how you can know how bad your back-up is and still want to put him in over your star QB. Yikes.

Manning has leverage and a long memory. We think he won’t tolerate knowing that such comments were made by a team employee, and we believe he’ll insist that Lamey be relieved of his duties if the Colts truly want to sign Manning to a new deal.
If this happens, it is sad. The guy obviously loves the Colts, and what he said was off-air, unintended for the public to hear. Manning is not above being criticized, and I can understand that it's awkward, but the guy shouldn't lose his job just because Manning's pride got hurt.
How could someone in this guys position forget that Peyton Manning is a huge reason for the Colts' success for the better part of this decade?


who reportedly said that NFL defenses had “figured Manning out,” that he should be benched for Curtis Painter, and that the Colts should draft Manning’s replacement in 2011.


Here's a gif from last year that I think can now be thrown out of the window. If Manning were to win, this gif would go SERIOUSLY viral!

<a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee68/WooleverTim/peytonsquirm.gif" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
Peyton has been in a slump, that happens to even the great ones. But the Colts have holes in their OLine and the run game has been very sub par. That has to hurt QB production. they would be much more advised to worry about the other problems they have on offense.

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