N/S: falcons claim McIntyre off the saints... (1 Viewer)

The only reason McIntyre was here in the first place was because Karney had gotten hurt earlier in the season and we were shorthanded at FB...Karney's healthy...so I guess he was expendable....I believe we released him to make room for Freddie Mac.....
It doesn't matter, Apparently he was benched and played Little to no game with the saints because he couldn't learn the Gameplan fast enough, you have to be smart to play on this team and apparently he didn't fit that criteria, Falcons are in for a surprise, and im also pretty sure Sean Payton knows all about this tactic lol.
He knew the system and that would be my guess as to why they picked him up. Possible anyways..
I hope he was home instead of sitting in practice learning what plays we are gonna use against ATL, im not scared of this ATL tactic, they still gotta beat us with Wits and Talent; plays are plays every team has em.
So what he knows a few plays that can easily be changed against ATL, We had a Running game Ready for Tampa Bay Remember? it only took all but 10 Seconds for Saints Coaches to switch to their passing game and Ruin Tampa's chances of holding our Running game down while they score on us..

I Think we are gonna be in the Air in this game alot or mix it up ALOT! Since colston is out Alot of things are gonna change, HOPEFULLY Colston shows up and plays even as a Decoy.
omg didnt they do the same exact thing with one of our back up QBs before the first game thats hella gay.
how much info can they really extract in just a couple of days?
Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill. This means nothing, and I mean nothing. If they did it for help on our playbook they wasted thier time. If they did it because they needed a FB then so be it, we have one. This kind of thing happens all the time and it will not help them win the game at all. I think we are so much better than the turds that we could show them what play we are gonna run right before the snap and we would still be successfull. Guess what Falcons, we are gonna run it down your throat and you cannot do a thing about it. Get ready Falcons for cleat marks all over your chest.
"So Corey did you learn anything valuable that we could use while you were with the Saints."
"No Coach Mora, I didn't."

**Atlanta Falcons waived FB Corey McIntyre.**

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