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Sep 9, 2001
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Ok, don't red thumb the messenger (but some of you will), but I was confused by this story on Yahoo! News. Admittedly, they are usually pretty terrible but this quote confused me:

Could someone explain this to me? Did we not pick at #15 in the first round, thus bypassing Geno Smith? Or is this writer so ignorant, they think we gave up our first round pick this year not our second?

Link to story: Y! SPORTS
the real message of this story is rex ryan thinking Smith is good, I'm sure he still likes sanchise smh dude doesn't know what a Qb looks like.

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Maybe because we didn't have a second round pick? But we still passed on him in the first. :idunno: His logic alludes me.
Probably meant the redskins they had no pick until mid second round. If anyone doubts theybwould have passed then they are stupid.
Personally I like Geno as a QB, but as far as this writer he should be fired as soon as he clicked send. And his editor too.
Hell...i need to start writing for Yahoo Sports. Thats crazy and dnt make since.
Maybe he meant to say bypassed twice by every team not robbed a second round pick.

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