N/S - I think Junior Seau just got his arm broken (1 Viewer)


"Saint Exotic"
Mar 6, 2002
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New Orleans
It looked to me to be a clean break at the wrist... kind of dangling. We'll see in a minute here...
That looked terrible. I thought he got kicked in the head, then I saw him holding his wrist, so I rewound the DVR and I was like, oof. It's gotta be broken.
When they came back from commercial, they had the arm immobilized and one of the annoucers said it gave him chills. Doesn't look good.
#37 for the Falcons broke his forearm tackling Reggie Bush on a punt in the first half. It was just as gross. The guy came grabbed his arm below his elbow and the part above his wrist flopped around.......
Junior was great for the Pats this year, better than I thought he'd be. He'll be missed but with any luck the break will be healed in time for the Superbowl. :9:

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