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Jan 20, 2010
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Central Ohio
If there's one thing I know about the NFL it's that their lawyer game is strong. No way this will benefit the fans....it always benefits the NFL.


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Aug 9, 2004
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Mt. Pleasant, SC
As someone who lives out of market and doesn't like streaming ... this could be very welcomed news. Possibly limit how quickly the cap rises if revenue gets cut? (assuming a win for the plaintiff)

All this ruling does is send it back to the district court for further proceedings - overruling the preliminary dismissal that the league and DTV had previously gotten. The appeals ruling basically says that if you accept the plaintiffs’ claims as true, they have stated a proper legal challenge. But that’s still a long way from success on the merits of the case. It’s only back to the beginning now.

It seems like they’re not only challenging the STicket package as an anti-trust violation, but also the way the teams and the league have agreed to package the broadcast rights. It’s pretty ambitious, it would be quite a ruling to say the teams can’t agree to let the league package and sell the broadcast rights. And it would seem in the league’s interest to award those rights to the highest bidder. But I’m just going on instinct here, would have to read up on it.

But unless the plaintiffs get that big ruling that breaks it all up, it’s probably not likely to impact revenue - for now. I would imagine the current Ticket contract will run to expiration in 2022 and then we’ll see.

There’s so much coming up for the NFL. The CBA expires after 2021 and all the major tv contracts expire in 2022 and 2023. I think most believe the revenue is only getting bigger as streaming rights and perhaps some gambling revenue gets added to what are expected to be huge TV deals.

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