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Mar 20, 2007
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Belfast, Ireland
Yahoo Sports said:
The San Diego Chargers' season was in danger of slipping away, and the team's best and most important player knew the time had come to assert himself. So, on the day after Thanksgiving, in a players only meeting called in the wake of the Chargers' fifth loss in 10 games, LaDainian Tomlinson stood in front of his teammates and read them a poem.
The Chargers were in nearly the same situation as us. 6 weeks to go and they were still in it but having a horrible season compared with what they thought they would have and what they knew they could do.They were 5-5, LT reads them a poem, they win 6 straight and make the playoffs with an 11-5 record.:worthy:Anyone think Reggie or Deuce should do the same next year?Do you have a poem, either one tying in with us or about the Saints they should read to pump up the team?

It obviously works, because the Chargers still think Phillip Rivers is better than Drew Brees, but they are in the postseason.

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