N/S Mcnabb's work ethic questioned (1 Viewer)

they were obviously taking him out to Chuck E. Cheese because he won. duh.
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HAHAHAHAA. That thread delivered!!!!!
This thread has a terrible title, but the Philly thread has some great humor in it.
That thread is pretty funny; I wonder how long they'll keep it going.
"his grandmother was in the car, that's when things got...SEXY"

"Just quit while your behind"

These two had me lmao.

This just topped everything off:

Look at the way his mom is touching him. Ever so gently. Almost seductive.
thank god you cant see his ................"
There is a lot of language and ideas that wouldn't be allowed on this site but man that is one funny thread.
Wow, those guys are brutal. I remember when we used to have threads like that.
This one got me to cough up my water.....little known fact:kevin kolb put his mother in a nursing home. (and not one of the good ones, one of the ones where they steal from and rape the patients)so, maybe we shouldn't count him out just yet.

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