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Slim K

Sep 4, 2007
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I have alot of time on my hands and I'm sick of all these mock drafts that all go the same way, nowhere.

I'm going to attempt to breakdown every key matchup.


Randy Moss vs. NYG secondary

• Out of the three top corners for the NYGs, Corey Webster, Aaron Ross and Sam Madison, not one can stop Randy Moss. The key to stopping Randy Moss is to not give Brady time to hit him wide open. Safety play over the top is also very important to take away the deep threat.

• Positives:

- Randy Moss' 4-5 inch height advantage over the NYG CBs.

• Negatives:

- NY has an intense pass rush which will, most of the time, limit Brady to 2-3 secs.

- Randy Moss' production through his previous 2 games: 2 receptions, 32 yards

• Prediction: Randy Moss comes out on top vs. the Giants secondary, but not by much. Randy Moss substabtially increases his production compared to his previous 2 outings, though, he is still held under 100 yards receiving.

• Statistical prediction:

- Randy Moss: 5 receptions, 85 yds, 1 TD

Wes Welker vs. NYG secondary

• Out of the Giants secondary, the corner back who I think will be most succesful covering Wes Welker is Corey Webster. No Corey webster is not a solidified corner yet, but his play is much improved. Many times will you see Wes Welker wide open and Brady having all day to throw to him. I believe Corey Webster will not give up any easy plays to Welker. Welker will be forced to work for every yard he earns.

• Positives:

- Wes Welker runs his routes extremely well and is very good at getting open space.

• Negatives:

- See Randy Moss' first negative.

Other than that, I can't think of any.

• Prediction: The battle between Welker and the NY secondary is an even battle. Welker's statistical output is not stellar yet he still makes key/clutch plays.

• Statistical prediction: 6 receptions, 62 yards, 1 TD

Laurence Maroney vs. NYG front seven

• The Giants' run D was 8th in yards allowed during the regular season. Maroney was inconsistent through the year but really turned it on in the final quater. This will also come down to how the O-Line for the Pats play against the powerful Giants D-line.

• Positives:

- Maroney has alot of momentum behind him lately and doesn't look like he will slow down.

- The O-line for the Patriots is one of the best in the league.

• Negatives:

- The Giants have a solid run D.

- The Giants have a great "cut-down-and-tackle" LBer in Antonio Pierce. Mitchell is also a solid OLB. Tobor looks like the only weakness to the NY front seven.

• Prediction: Maroney has a so-so day vs. the Giants. Every so often he makes a big play, but for the most part he is kept silent.

• Statistical prediction: 20 carries, 81 yards, 1 RuTD, 1 Fum lost

Tom Brady vs. NYG D

• Tom Brady's success (or failure for that matter) will be determined by the action in the trenches. If the Giants can provide consistent pressure (doesn't have to be sacks, just pressure) then Tom Brady will most likely be held to a subpar-average game.

• Positives:

- Tom Brady has such a big arsenal in Moss, Welker, Stallworth and Ben Watson, you can't keep track of all of them.

- Tom Brady is simply an amazing talent.

• Negatives:

- The Giants D-line will not allow him time. We have seen that teams with a good pass rush i.e Philidelphia, Baltimore and NY have come closest to defeating the Patriots.

• Prediction: The pressure at times was too much for Tom Brady, but othr than Tom was smooth all game.

• Statistical prediction: 27/37, 255 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT, 3-4 sacks


Plaxico Burress vs. Asante Samuel

• I can assure that Asante Samuel will be covering Plaxico every play except for when Asante needs a break. Plaxico, like Moss, has the physical attributes and skillset to dominate the best of CBs. Plaxico will demand double teams at all times.

• Positives:

- Asante, lately, has been getting beaten by receivers such as Vincent Jackson, Chris Chambers and one of the Jaguars receivers, either Ernest Wilford or Reggie Williams. But every CB gets beaten every now and then, right?

- Plaxico is just getting healthier every week and with a 2 week break should be better rested than ever.

• Negatives:

- If Eli Manning is forced into making mistakes and pressured, the passes out to Plaxico won't be the easiest to catch.

• Prediction: Plaxico Burress comes out on top but does not dominate. He make enough plays to largely impact the game.

• Statistical prediction: 7 receptions, 89 yards, 1 TD

Brandon Jacobs vs. NE front seven

• Brandon Jacobs doesn't have the skills to dominate the Patriots front seven, yet he still has the power to win the short yardage situations.

• Positives:

- Brandon Jacobs has the power to always make it past the LOS.

- Brandon Jacobs does not have elite speed, but neither does the Patriots D.

• Negatives:

- The Patriots front seven is just outstanding when they are flowing.

• Prediction: Brandon converts many short yardage third downs and make some crucial plays. His stats won't be great on paper, but when you review the game you will see his impact.

• Statistical prediction: 19 carries, 71 yards, 1 RuTD, 1 ReTD, 1 Fum

Eli Manning vs. NE D

• Eli Manning right now is the "hotter" QB. His play over the past 4 games has been outstanding but most importantly, MISTAKE FREE. The Patriots have the players on defence to shut out any QB who steps on the same field as them.

• Positives:

- Eli Manning has never played better ball in his career than now.

- Eli Manning isn't making stupid unforced and forced errors.

• Negatives:

- Can Eli handle the pressure of the big game?

• Prediction: Eli Manning comes out looking well against the Pats. He doesn't let the Pats D at any point of the game take control of his play. His passes are also pin-point.

• Statistical prediction: 25/30, 259 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT, 3 sacks, 1 Fum

Outcome: This is a close game. Won by 3 points. But a late 4th qauter TD gave the Giants a lead that they held on to till the end of play.

31-28 Giants

Opinions welcome.
Mar 9, 2007
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i hope u are right. i hate the pats and bellichick, how can u get busted for cheating and win coach of the year the same year?:dunno:

Ti Rider

Me Worry?
Feb 6, 2002
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My couch
My breakdown - Pats win in a game that's never in question 38-17........


party lamp
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Jan 11, 2002
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Duncan Plaza
Welker will eat Corey Webster's lunch (even though he was a Tiger /homerism).

I could still see a Giants upset though, considering week 17. It's really hared to go undefeated. NE is due to lose. 'Course a NE blowout wouldn't surprise me either.


Dreaming of a SAINTS Super Bowl!
Jul 9, 2001
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Hancock County
Better plug this into your assessments:

Rookie starting cornerback Aaron Ross threw up on the plane just before it left Newark-Liberty International Airport, the sixth player to be hit with the bug in the past four days.

Flu-ridden Giants arrive for Super Bowl XLII
Several players came down with illness after subzero game vs. Packers

updated 9:11 p.m. CT, Mon., Jan. 28, 2008

CHANDLER, Ariz. - The New York Giants arrived for the Super Bowl on Monday, looking like the cast from “Men in Black,” and battling the flu.


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