Narrative being pushed by ESPN that Teddy is $30 mil (1 Viewer)


Mar 30, 2010
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Shouldn't be that much, it was $24 something last year so a $6 million increase would be unprecedented. Not saying we should tag him to keep him but to trade him. Eagles almost did that with Foles.
The one projection that I saw on that was $27 mil.

We should all be hoping he gets as much as possible. We got two years, including 5-0, and the bigger the contract, the higher any possible comp pick would be. We could realistically recoup our original 3rd round investment because we aren’t going to be signing a big outside FA QB this offseason to offset his deal.
A contract of $13 mil/year or just north of that will qualify the former team for a 3rd round compensatory pick and there is no getting higher than that. So if Teddy gets $15 mil/year, the Saints qualify for a 3rd rounder. If Teddy gets $20 mil/year....3rd rounder. $30 mil/ guessed it...3rd rounder. In short, there is no need to stress out any over the Saints qualifying for the highest possible compensatory pick when it comes to Teddy signing elsewhere.

If Teddy is worth 30 mil a year I guess Dak is justified thinking he is worth 40.
What will Mahomes be worth....$50 mil/year?

Personally, I think the defense was able to play better because of TB and SP. SP called a much better game with TB under center and there were far fewer stupid gadget plays with the need to keep the Swiss army knife in a safe place.

And TB executed the game plan to perfection, without forcing anything.

The result was the defense was on the field much less and able to perform at a high level for all 4 quarters.
That was very true of the Dallas game. How do you win without putting the ball in the endzone? Allow the opposing offense on the field for fewer than 24 minutes. On the other hand though, the Saints defense was on the field for 28:37 against SF, but gave up 48 points. :banghead:
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