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Aug 6, 2008
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New Port Richey
I know, not football oriented, but since football season is over I didn't figure anyone would mind.

I host a NASCAR league every year. It's mostly friends here in Havasu but has grown over the past 6 years to a more national thing. We had 50 paid players last year with $1500 in the prize pool.

It's a $30 buy-in pool and the league structure is you pick a driver each week and whatever points they get in the race is what you get in the league. You can only pick a driver once. The top 12 move on to the chase and it pays out to the top 5. More info on the league page, or you can contact me directly. and the league is "Havasu 500" (keyword: havasu500)

If you join, be sure to let me know who you are.

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