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Aug 2, 1997
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San Diego
I record and save all the Saints wins and have every single one since 2000 but I looked on my Tivo today and it automatically deleted two games that I hadn't recorded onto VHS yet.

If anyone can get me a copy of these two games or at least one it will be greatly appreciated. It doesn't matter if its on DVD or VHS I just need them for my collection of wins.

PM me or reply to this thread if you can hook me up. We can work out whatever via PM.


Again its the Browns game and the Eagles game...
I'm not sure but I think I have those. I'll check and get back to you. Unfortunately I don't have the last Tampa game. Don't see where to pm you.
Did you get it Mikey? I have the shortened versions (NFL replay) if that helps.
I have the Eagles shortened version and possibly the browns shortened version. I'd prefer to have the full versions to go with my collection.

Yo MM, if you click on my name then you can PM me...or anyone else that might have these two games.
I have the full version of the Eagles game. I just have not had time to edit out commercials. I can copy it as it is & mail it to you.

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