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Sep 30, 2004
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Baton Rouge
I am writing a P.R. paper on the P.R. nightmare that the Saints went through throughout the Katrina season and how they dealt with the negativity and rebounded to a sell-out season and the act of turning 9-25 into an all-day party with the NFL Experience and the performances, etc.

Anyways, soonafter the game I posted an article regarding how much the event brought into the city in terms of cash, and it also had a quote I wanted to use; something along the lines of...

"It would cost $xxx,xxx.xx to buy a 30 second spot to show the world that New Orleans is back and open for business and the game was a four hour, non-stop commercial for the city that didn't cost us a dime."

I've searched through Google, as well as through the forum and cannot find the post that I started. I found one from that has the financial information I'm looking for, but not the quote.

If anyone knows the article I am speaking of or could snoop it out, I'd appreciate it greatly.


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