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Oct 9, 2004
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All these guys are on the wire, I could use WR depth, and I'm about to drop a D/ST. Which of these guys has the best upside for the season and/or playoffs?

Lelie-is he Vick's favorite target? Will Vick continue to throw?
Jenkins-see Lelie
Jerry Porter-Does Brooks come back and revive the pass in Oak despite their difficult schedule? Will Walters start throwing more to him after a game or two?
Matt Jones-Will Gerrard look his way? Does Lefty come back and look more @ Jones than Reggie Williams?
Marty Booker-Will Harrington hook him up, or was that just a freak occurence in GB?

Thanks for your opinions in advance.
Not great options, but you knew that at this point in the season.

I'd stay away from Lelie...he hasn't really proved anything in Atlanta...inconsistent, just like in Denver.

Jenkins I would consider, but that is if you trust that Vick can keep throwing like he is.

Porter will not be playing in Oakland, do not pick him up for any reason.

Jones looked good to start the season, had the injury, and now who one looks like a great WR in Jax now, but he might be worth the risk more than others.

Booker will probably be your most consistent guy on the list...and by consistent, I mean 40-50 yards. He's going to lose catches to Welker, and of course Chambers and McMichael.

Of all the guys, no one stands out IMHO. If this is just depth, and you want a guy who could start for you later in the year...I'd take a shot with Jenkins or Jones.
It's mostly for depth. I feel like I need to get a little deeper because I've got Reggie Williams (who with Gerrard did nothing and laid an egg the wk before) and Galloway (Gradkowski is KILLING him). They are not my only options, though -- and I really am looking for someone who may peak around playoff time (in case one of my starters gets injured).
Since I already have RegWilliams, I was leaning toward Jenkins.
Just in case you didn't know Waymer, Jerry Porter did start opposite RMoss this past Sunday and he is back. He only had 1 for 19, but that will probably much is the question.

Anyone else want to weigh in here?
I am assuming Doug Gabriel is gone, if not get him!

As for your list, I would think that Jones may be worth a look in case he picks it up. But maybe Jenkins. If Vick decides to continue throwing the ball, then Jenkins should become his primary target.

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