Neither QB is throwing down field. (1 Viewer)

SF will gladly play for a game winning FG to win.

KC isn’t because SF isn’t letting them. And it’s frustrating Mahomes into bad decisions.

SF isn’t because they don’t have to. They stretch you so much from sideline to sideline that it’s not imperative to stretch you vertically. And they still can, when they need to (re: the deep shot OPI on Kittle)
Patrimmy Garapahomes, Super Bowl Quarterback
You don't need to throw deep, when you have Three big, physical receivers who are willing to run routes over the middle fearlessly, and able to truck a DB after the catch.

Posts, square Ins, Slants that's what the 49ers have been running and they are feasting in the middle of the field.
The hard truth about Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy G is happening in front of the world. They’re done

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