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Mar 5, 2015
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It was only a matter of time.

NFL with 19 cases is already starting off bad. Still unreal to me, the NFL is really still trying to push into the season. I said the NFL would feed us slowly. Baby crawl, then baby steps, then adult walk an then full on running from this upcoming season. The crawl was cancelling 2 preseason games. The cancelling of the remaining two preseason games was the baby steps. Then when they postpone the start of the regular season until October, that will be the adult walk. Then the run will be the cancelling of the season, once the outbreak among the various teams becomes too much to have a competitive season and players begin to bail.


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Feb 6, 2007
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discussion here, just fyi



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Aug 31, 1997
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It really isn't a just matter of time for the NFL, it's just a matter of being smart about how they do it.

People keep freaking out because of MLB, yet the NHL and Soccer worldwide are operating without issue. NHL to NFL is much closer apples to apples comparison than MLB is to the NFL. Both NHL and NFL players wear helmets, both of which have a full face shield for this season. The NFL is even adding a filter in their helmet. MLB has no such equipment. Their faces are open. A lot of fret is made about the physical contact on every play in the NFL. While neither Soccer nor Hockey have the level of physical contact the NFL does, there is a great deal of physical contact in both sports. One might be tempted to say there is a lot of space between players in MLB, which is true on average; however, at home plate and when there is a runner at first base, players are on top of each other most of the time. Again, I'm not seeing much in the way of mask preventatives being used either place. Not smart.
The NFL also can learn from MLB mistakes concerning the sidelines. Many players I see in the dugouts aren't wearing masks or distancing from each other. Both of those problems can be solved, especially since the NFL has 100 yards of sideline to play with instead of the narrow dugout of baseball parks (yet note that the NHL isn't having a problem despite their narrow bench area).

No need to give up on the season because the MLB isn't getting it right. Model NHL and Soccer (and the NBA), learn from other's mistakes, be smart. The season should be able to happen without incident IF those in charge make sure rules are followed.
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