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Feb 1, 2004
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nwsaint:What is the impact of unsigned, unrestricted free agents that are still on our roster on the cap. In other words when we say the Saints are $4 or $5 under the cap is that without any of our unsigned, unrestricted free agents counting against the cap in any way? More specifically is Sedrick Ellis counting any against the cap number at this time?

Mike Triplett, folks got it right. They don't count. ... However, the RFAs who were offered second-round tenders (de la Puente and Ivory) do already count against the cap since the offers were made. If they sign, it won't affect the cap any differently.

ray p:It is my understanding that much of Roman Harpers cap number is made up of guaranteed money so cutting him would not save much if anything, True?

Mike Triplett: Not Harper. But that is true with Jabari Greer and a couple others (Hawthorne, Bunkley, Lofton, Grubbs I believe). ... With Harper, they can cut him without having to pay any more salary or bonuses. Continued...

By Mike Triplett / Times Picayune

Full Story – Nola.Com

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