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all in due time. Just keep up the effort on the field and us fans keep the DOME field advantage going and we'll see .....
I wouldn't expect any love against those teams. Not yet at least. Now if we can pull this win out Sunday...

Why is it always wait until after this week & Well we can't expect much love against those teams???? I say bull hockey bull crap!!! That is why I don't let "polls" and Power rankings effect me! This team is as good as any team above it. please stop using the same excuse SI, ESPN, NFL.Com, or any other site does by saying well after we beat so & so this weekendwe will get respect or we will get this. I say Equine poop don't let the media outlets influence you and your opinion. This team is just as good as the Bears and all the AFC riff-raff ahead of us Book It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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