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Dear Mike,

Once again we are talking next year in early November. We are 3 games behind in our division and with no chance almost to make it as a wildcard. However, 7 games are missing and I think we should use them looking for ways to right the ship.

- On defense, the usual question is if the problem is the scheme or the players? So my question here for you is: since we don't have the time to blow-up the whole defense, who do you think will be a good candidate to coordinate our defense?. I am not expecting here a 3-4 or a Tampa-2 disciple. Since coach Payton seemed impressed by what the Giants did in the superbowl I would think the main candidate can be someone from the Jim Johnson school of defense. Another choice may be a veteran coordinator with previous success like Jim Bates, Your thoughts?

- On offense, I can find a defining moment for the current administration, and that is the NFC championship game. During his first season, Coach Payton tried to keep a good balance between Deuce and Reggie (not necessary between runs and passes). Deuce had an incredible play-off game against the eagles and when everybody thought that Deuce will be the key against the bears, Payton decided to use the pass as the main tool to attack a very competent Chicago defense.

As of now we have become a predictable team, with no balance, no commitment to the run even when the running game is producing (we have seen this in a few series this year). The passing game produces more turnovers and if we look at the statistics, chances are that we will loose if Drew has a big game. I know that Payton will not relinquish the play-calling but it seems that there is no buffer fo control him. If we don't control the clock, with the defense we have, chances are that we will not prevail. So what do you think we can do to at least try to get some balance?

My best to you, as always, on a lost season.

Cheers, Guillermo

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