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Aug 1, 1997
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Just some tips to keep to our standards and keep us (Mods and Admins) from having to work so hard, and more importantly off of your backs: ;)

A) Please don't post a new topic over an inane thought. Have something of substance to relate. For example:

"Subject: Reggie just said...... | Body: ....he loves being a Saint!" is fine as a reply to an ongoing topic, but a waste of VALUABLE front page real estate as a new topic. Not a lot of people like to go past page-one on the forums thread list. So make sure that your topic is topic-worthy.

B) Check to make sure that the topic that you wish to discuss, or the news item that you wish to post up hasn't already been discussed or posted recently so we can reduce the mega-merges. Glancing over the first few pages of threads is a good idea... and remember... the "Search" feature is your friend. If search is turned off for whatever reason, then please take the time to look look at the first couple of pages of threads.

C) NEVER start a new topic in response to an ongoing thread when you can respond within that thread instead. Don't be an attention whore!

D) Don't be a troll or an instigator. This board is for CIVIL and INTELLIGENT discussion and debate. It is also a family board, and we've been deleting quite a few suggestive photos and provocative avatars of late.

E) When debating, don't obsess. Make your case, debate it and MOVE ON! When doing so, leave out the personal jabs, mean-spirited sarcasm and parting shots.

F) To the prolific posters... quality over quantity. Posts should have substance. Do not post just for the sake of posting or to pad post counts. Ten responses with substance beat the heck out of a hundred increasingly irritating one-liners anyway. People do not care how much you post, only what the content is. That is how you are gauged as a member.

G) Thinly veiled profanity :nono:. NOT HERE! It's all asterisks and symbols or nothing!

H) Read the POSTING GUIDELINES. That is very important. "I didn't know" is not an acceptable excuse here. You are required to know the guidelines. No one is getting paid here and this community is far too large for us to continually try to babysit problem members.

I) Those that we find to be generally confrontational, antagonistic, rude, crude, racist, threatening, abrasive or or just plain mean will all have their posting permissions severely limited or removed completely, and perhaps WITHOUT WARNING.

J) When PM'd (Sent a conversation) by a MOD, the quickest way to being banned is to attack the mod. It's like telling us that you are a hot-head that is more trouble than you are worth and will continue to be trouble. Never call out the Mods publically. Send a Mod or Admin a PM instead. The moderators post all PM conversations regarding members/edited posts/help needed on a separate board. We do this so we can all stay on the same page.

Thanks for reading and participating here... Let's make this place more enjoyable for our target audience, which are passionate Saints fans that enjoy civil and intelligent discussion and debate. And let's take a little pressure off of our MODS. Believe me, here, moderating isn't easy. :)
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Jan 1, 2006
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Don't insult, don't curse. Remember that children read the board. Use informative subject lines in your posts, and try not to post one-liners as your only content (for the first post).

The easiest way (for me) was to join into the ongoing conversations. Take it slowly and read much. You'll get a feel for how this place operates.
Sounds like you've seen it all. Share with us, please.


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Apr 14, 2007
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Slaughterhouse Five
Adrus - just for 100% clarification, you dont want us to use words like " shirtz or arse?" Just use ****? Is that correct? Thanks

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