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Jun 3, 2005
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ok you have :

bears at 7-1
saints and giants at 6-2
seattle at 5-3
and atl leading the wildcard sort at 5-3

i know its early but if it was to stay like that

which 4-4 team will fight their way into the playoffs

carolina,minny,dallas, or philly

if the top teams were to stay like it is now, i would say that philly would find a way to get in
deff not philly.. i doubt dallas... i'd say philly or carolina no dizzout
Carolina will win some games. I don't know what happened to MINN., I thought they would be doing a little better this year. But, I think Carolina will be right there at the end.
I agree, Carolina will be fighting in rthe end.. Also, Philli will be fighting too.
Carolina screwed themselves by losing to Minnesota AND Dallas so if they tie with either of them they are toast, Hahahaha
yea as of now Carolina is out....... I think Minnesota would be in as of now......

As long as the Saints keep winning, I can care less who else gets in.....

Salisbury today on ESPN, went with NYG vs Colts for the Super Bowl

Personally, I dont think the Giants will make it to the Super Bowl, they always shoot themselves in the foot... with penalties..... and the referees helped them out againts the Texans.... ironically.... lol
MIN has the easier schedule with GB twice, MIA, ARI, NYJ, and DET all left for them. MIN isn't looking great, but they aren't play NE, IND, or SD-type teams. CHI and STL are the only playoff-calibur teams they have left to face.

Like Atom Palmer said, CAR lost to DAL and MIN and is fighting both for 1 of 2 playoff spots. And with PHI still around, I'll take McNabb's passing proficiency and their bend-but-hopefully-don't-break defense over Delhomme's 8 TDs and strong-but-not-as-good-as-years-past defense.

I see SEA, NO, CHI, NYG as the division winners and MIN and ATL or DAL as the wildcards.
Philly is a good team...I see Donte' healing up and a rematch in the playoffs between the Eagles and the Saints in NO.
Philadelphia have beaten:

Houston Texans
San Francisco 49ers
Green Bay Packers
Dallas Cowboys (almost got beaten by Drew Bledsoe)

At 4-4 their remaining schedule is:

@ Dallas

Don't expect to see the Eagles in the post season

I think the Bears will be #1 seed, either ourselves or more likely the Giants #2 (the other going as #3). Seattle by default at #4, then Carolina and then one other (out of Atlanta, St. Louis and Dallas in my opinion)

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