NFL at its peak, but league needs to address some issues

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Tim Dahlberg (AP) / USA Today

Roger Goodell was working the room, going from table to table and shaking hands with almost anyone lucky enough to have a ticket to the NFL's Super Bowl postgame buffet in downtown Phoenix. He had a smile on his face, and a lot to be happy about after a game that kept the country tuned in all the way through the very last Bud Light commercial.

It wasn't just the game that made the commissioner happy, though it would have been hard to write a better script than Eli Manning leading the New York Giants to a last-minute touchdown to beat the big, bad New England Patriots. Nearly half the country watched at one time or another, making it the most watched Super Bowl ever and further cementing the NFL's position as America's favorite sport.

Good times indeed for a league that seems to have everything going its way. In an increasingly fragmented sports landscape, the NFL is the proverbial 500-pound gorilla, flush and fat with no real challenges to its dominance. Full Story – USA Today

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