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Mar 20, 2010
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Just looking at this 1st round re-draft from 2016 cause 3 to 4 years is the time to really evaluate a draft.

Well Michael Thomas went 7th overall to the 49ers. I wanted to go receiver at 12 cause I didn’t think one of the top 5 I think would be there in the 2nd. But somehow the best receiver in the game fell to us. We got lucky there. I didn’t think he was going to be this good, but I knew he would be a legit starter for sure.

They had us taking Zeke Elliott at 12 instead of Sheldon Rankins. They didn’t have Rankins go in the first, but I don’t blame them with the injury riddled career he’s had thus far. They had Derrick Henry go at 16 and right now he’s the best back in football. But I would rather Zeke due to his ability in the passing game unlike Henry. We need backs that can be good in the passing game for sure. Henry went two picks ahead of Thomas. The current best back and best receiver in football both went in the 2nd round.

They had the Cowboys take Dak at 4 when they got him in the 4th round. I can’t believe they still had Jared Goff going 2nd cause if I had to take a QB I would of took Dak at 2. It said the Cowboys tried to trade up for Paxton Lynch and Connor Cook in that draft. Instead they got possibly the best QB in the draft unless Carson Wentz reaches his potential. I would have him and Dak about even through 3 years.

Tyreek Hill went from a 5th round pick to a top 10 pick at 10. Imagine if we would of taken him instead of Onyemata and gotten Thomas & Hill in that draft. The biggest jump was Robby Anderson going from undrafted to the 25th pick.
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